All broken relationships, secrets and confessions seem to find their way to social media these days. Any given day, various apps and websites give you a thousand things to laugh about, cry about, and even ponder upon. 

But this amazing find from Twitter is going to make your day. Miss @blahfamous tweeted a screenshot that captures a conversation between a guy and a girl, discussing their perspective on keeping a dog if/when they get married. 

Source: Twitter/blahfamous

Karishma Walia is the girl in question which was confirmed after she retweeted the tweet by @blahfamous. 

Speaking to ScoopWhoop, Karishma said, 

"It was an arranged marriage set up and my mom thought he was an excellent match because he's good looking and well off. My family still thinks I did wrong by raising the concern about my dog."

She also added that after the incident the guy asked her to reconsider, 

"After the incident, the guy texted me and asked me to reconsider. However, after speaking to him for a while, I realised he was enforcing a lot of his decisions and expectations on me. He was really concerned about things like how family should be a priority and not career. I turned him down for good." 

Now honestly, who doesn't like dogs? I mean they're God's furry gifts to mankind. If you really want to marry someone, I don't think a dog  - or for that matter anything else - can/should come between your love. 

Twitter thinks so too, look: 

Well, it would have been alright if the guy did not ask her to choose between him and the dog. Everyone knows dogs win hands down. ALWAYS. 

And to top it all, he asked her to marry the dog instead. Which we're pretty sure she would have done happily.

Buddy, it's really just your loss!