Instagram is a place where everything is glamorised to appeal to the fancies of viewers. We hardly think or notice anything that must be going on behind the pretty picture that we, sometimes, unconsciously double tap on.

An Instagram profile, by the name Louise Delage — a creation of French advertising agency BETC — has garnered more than 40,000 followers and around 50,000 likes on Instagram in 2 months after using smart hashtagging and engaging copies to attract teenagers. 

☀️ P.L.A.Y.A ☀️

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At first, when you look at the profile, it looks like any other normal Instagram of a pretty girl (perhaps a blogger) based out of the beautiful city of Paris.

But there is something that most of us easily miss out on and that is exactly what the campaign is all about.

Beach session 3 ☀️

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Okay, we'll give you another chance to notice the darkness in all of these pictures.

Goodbye Berlin 🇩🇪

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No? Nothing?

If you watch carefully, the girl is holding some or the other kind of alcohol in her hands. 

💦 F.R.E.S.H 💦

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This campaign highlights how easily addiction and things alike can be camouflaged by beauty and glamour.

The true identity of the agency was revealed only this week through a video entitled Like My Addiction which explains how terrifyingly easy it is to overlook an alcohol addiction.

The president of BETC told Adweek, 

Hopefully the campaign has served as an eye-opener.

This is definitely a dark reminder of how we observe and so easily miss out on the obvious. Addiction kills, and it is amazing how this agency used such a powerful message and crafted an intriguing campaign, such as this, around it. 

Well done!