For the common man who zips through the bylanes of the city, a Tata Nano might be a tiny vehicle. But imagine driving from London to Mongolia, in this very tiny little car! Now that would be a herculean task in itself, wouldn't it?

Well, Bhairav Kuttaiah, Binoy John and Sunaina Pamudurthy are an adventurous bunch of friends who're planning to take part in a rather dangerous journey, all for a good cause. They will be driving from London to Mongolia, navigating through unseen terrains, mountains and deserts, all in their Tata Nano, with an aim to raise money for 'Make A Difference' Foundation.

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With just three simple rules, Mongol Rally is one of the greatest motoring adventures in the world. All you need to follow are these 3 simple, albeit a bit dangerous set of rules. One, you're on your own. Now that means there are no routes, no maps, no support. Just you, with your car and fellow comrades. Second, your car has to be really small, hence the Nano. And third, you need to raise an amount of £1000 for charity. 

The trio will be driving over 10,000 miles across borders, with absolutely no one to help them along.  

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Now that's a lot of miles, and if you get lost, there's no one to back you up. Despite the umpteen challenges facing them, the trio has decided to give it a try. And if nothing else, we're pretty sure this journey is going to be etched in their memories for a lifetime. And they are doing this all for a noble cause, which is absolutely commendable.

We wish them the very best, and hope that they make it to the finish line all in one piece. 

You can show them some love on their Facebook page, NanoMADs.

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