The '90s kids lived in a different era. We had limited toys to play with, video games were a luxury and there were no 24x7 cartoon channels. But those days were the best, weren't they? 

Even though watching cartoons was a luxury, you have to admit that some of the best ones came out during that time. And one of the most popular ones indeed was DuckTales

The adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews took them all over the world and we were happy to join in on the fun!  

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DuckTales is making a comeback in 2017 and Disney has recently dropped a teaser announcing the same. 

This gave us a rush of nostalgia so here are 11 of the best things about the show that made our childhood toofani:

1. Uncle Scrooge & his sone ka tehkhana! We all wanted to take a dive in that thing.

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2. Uncle Scrooge's prized possession, his 'Number One dime'. The first coin he ever earned & his lucky charm.

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3. Huey, Dewey, and Louie were our childhood idols. We wanted to explore the world just like them.

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4. Their 'Junior Woodchucks guide book'. It had an answer for every problem in the world!

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5. Though he managed to save the day, Launchpad crash-landed every single time!

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6. Gyro & his 'out of the box inventions' that made science look interesting.

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7. Scrooge's butler-chauffeur, Duckworth, is the jack of all trades. He is the go-to guy for everything in the Scrooge mansion.

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8. The Beagle Boys were always looking for an opportunity to loot Uncle Scrooge's wealth & we loved watching them lose every time.

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9. The witch, Magica De Spell, who was after Scrooge's 'Number one dime' but the nephews & the Junior Woodchucks guide book saved the day.

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10. Flintheart Glomgold, Uncle Scrooge's arch nemesis & also the second richest duck in the world, after Scrooge McDuck of course.

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11. And the opening theme song that we can still sing along!

Who said cartoons are for kids?!