Kalki Koechlin is not just an actress, she's a phenomenon. The perfect example of beauty with brains, she has time and again stood up for various social causes. Not only has she impressed us with her methodical acting, she's also taken her hearts away time and again when she's stood up for fellow women. A woman of substance, she is a breath of fresh air in Bollywood. 

Here are all the times we couldn't help but fall in love with her intelligence, wit and humor. 

1. When asked if she was a Firang:

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2. On Bollywood's representation of women in '80s and now:

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3. When asked about item numbers:

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4. On feminism:

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5. When asked about the most challenging role she would like to play:

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6. On actors promoting fairness creams:

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 7. On rape culture:

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 8. On looking good:

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 9. On playing a homosexual in Margarita, With A Straw:

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10. On life advice for 20-somethings:

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Remember the last one, people! 

It's not everyday that someone makes sense about so many things in life. 

But she does it always, like a boss!

Design Credits: Palki Sharma

Masthead Image: urbanasian.com | Feature Image: popopics.com