F.R.I.E.N.D.S was our go-to feel-good sitcom for years growing up and the adorable set of six misfits like family. And what made the show even more endearing was a generous dose of familiar faces thrown in to create the most hilarious of characters - 'cause everyone who appeared on the show, in all technicality, was a F.R.I.E.N.D amirite? We, of course, speak of the countless celebrity cameos that made so many episodes that much more memorable!

We've complied for you a list of our top 33 cameos that featured in F.R.I.E.N.D.S over the ten glorious years of the timeless comedy. Feast your eyes on these memories of utter hilarity.

#33 Ellen Pompeo

Season 10, "The One Where The Stripper Cries"

Or Meredith Grey as she's better known. Pompeo played Missy Goldberg a.k.a the very girl Ross and Chandler made a pact over in college. A pact both of them also broke.

Source: Friends Wikia

#32 Kristin Davis

Season 7, "The One With Ross's Library Book"

The Sex And The City star was the cool beer-drinking, four-language-speaking girl that Phoebe and Rachel adored and egged Joey on to date seriously... Only to have his heart broken by the "loner".

Source: Stylecaster

#31 Dakota Fanning

Season 10,"The One With Princess Consuela"

Monica and Chandler were looking to buy a house, and Joey was just not okay with it. Fanning was the little girl who lived there that imparted letting-go wisdom to 'ol Joey. Or, as Chandler suspected, maybe she was a little-girl ghost that haunted the house!

Source: Metro

#30 Craig Robinson

Season 10,"The One With Princess Consuela"

Short as his appearance may have been, us The Office fans remember Robinson as the impassive clerk that helped Phoebe change her name, officially, to 'Princess Consuela Bananahammock' after she married Mike.

Source: Movie Pilot

#29 David Arquette

Season 3, "The One With All The Jam"

Ursula's harmless stalker, Malcom that Phoebe befriended and had a crush on! Remember him? Yes, he was the real life husband of Monica, I mean Courtney Cox.

Source: Hollywood

#28 Steve Zahn

Season 2, "The One With Phoebe's Husband"

Phoebe's Canadian, ice-dancing, supposedly-gay greencard husband that she had a mega-crush on. Which was crushed, btw, when he asked for a divorce so he could marry someone new as he revealed that "on some level I always knew I was... straight."

Source: YouTube

#27 Anna Faris

Season 10, "The One With The Birth Mother" and others.

The dim-witted but well-meaning birth mother of Monica and Chandler's babies, Erica. Yes, twins that she didn't even know she was having! "They kept saying both heartbeats are really strong, and I thought well that's good 'cause I'm havin' a baby!"

Source: Movie Pilot

#26 Sean Penn

Season 8, "The One With The Halloween Party" and others

Penn played the grade school teacher dating Ursula, that she blatantly lied to. Phoebe, kinda sweet on him, revealed the truth about her to him. But dating an evil twin's ex can't be easy, can it? It wasn't.

Source: NY Daily

#25 Reese Witherspoon

Season 6, "The One With Rachel’s Sister" and others

The first Green sister, Jill. She loved shopping and we loved her! She came to Rachel for help after she was cut off by Daddy and her twisted interest in Ross led to a bit of conflict for Rachel.

Source: Campus Ghanta

#24 Goerge Clooney and Noah Wyle

Season 1, "The One With Two Parts: Part 2"

The McDreamys of the episode in which Rachel twists her ankle - These two ER stars were the doctors and unassuming victims, I mean dates to Monica and Rachel in the middle of a fight while the girls pretended to be each other.

Source: Decider

#23 Charlie Sheen

Season 2, "The One With The Chicken Pox"

Charlie Sheen played Navy man and Phoebe's long-distance boyfriend, Ryan. Bent on making the most of the week they had together, he didn't care that she had chicken pox. He kissed Phoebe, got the pox, and they spent all week resisting the urge to itch - not always succeeding.

Source: Thought Catalog

#22 Winona Ryder

Season 7, "The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss"

Rachel did one crazy thing in college and that was makin' out with her sorority sister Melissa. It was a drunken night, years ago - one that, turned out, Melissa never stopped thinking about!

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#21 Jean-Claude Van Damme

Season 2, "The One After The Superbowl: Part 2"

Rachel: "My friend over there, who cooks by the way, she thinks you're cute."
Van Damme: "You can tell her I think her friend is cute."

Yep. The age-old roommates-fighting-over-the-same-guy twist. Except, the guy was no other than the Time Cop himself!

Source: Trailer Pasion

#20 Jeff Goldblum

Season 9, "The One With The Mugging"

Goldblum played himself and took an audition in which he "brought out" Joey's best performance (even though he just made himself really need to pee) before the poor dude had a little accident.

"I plant the seeds." *gestures growing shoot* "I can't explain!"

Source: Telegraph

#19 Selma Blair

Season 9, "The One With Christmas In Tulsa"

The ham-stealing, adultering temptress Wendy that Chandler worked with in Tulsa, Selma Blair was actually the woman that finally pushed Chandler to quit his job 'cause, "If what you and your wife have is so great, then why are you spending Christmas with me?"

Source: IGN

#18 Danny DeVito

Season 10, "The One Where The Stripper Cries"

Phoebe's bachelorette party was kind of spiced up and weirded out and then spiced up again by the 50 year-old stripper that had lost hope and cried - before Phoebe inspired him to pass on the torch!

Source: Telegraph

#17 Denise Richards

Season 7, "The One With Ross And Monica’s Cousin"

Cassie Geller, Monica and Ross's cousin. In case, you too were hypnotised by her slo-mo cascading hair like most of us, let me remind you of the embarrassing position Ross found himself in blinded by her beauty. He tried to KISS HIS COUSIN!

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#16 John Stamos

Season 9, "The One With The Donor"

Uncle Jessie played the unsuspecting Zack - Chandler's co-worker that he and Monica decided to check out as a prospective sperm donor. He was confused as hell with their endless questions about his medical history, and he looked gorgeous throughout. Haaaave merrrcyyyy!

Source: YouTube

#15 Susan Sarandon

Season 7, "The One With Joey’s New Brain"

Sarandon played the drink-splashing, bitch-slapping actress who played Jessica Lockhart on Days Of Our Lives - and she was to undergo surgery only to have Joey coming back as her... umm... him.

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#14 Freddie Prinze Jr.

Season 9, "The One With The Male Nanny"

Emma's male nanny, or her manny that bothered Ross to no end - Sandy was the most sensitive and wise man the guys of the gang had ever met. Or as Joey would put it, "Cheapest college ever."

Source: Buzzfeed

#13 Christina Applegate

Season 9, "The One With Rachel’s Other Sister" and others

The other, (and bitchier) Green sister. Amy Green was shallow to a point of hilarity and somehow found herself coming back to Rachel for help again and again, even though she thought her child was a boy called Emmett.

Source: Campus Ghanta

#12 Hugh Laurie

Season 4, "The One With Ross’s Wedding: Part 2"

Dr. House's dry wit could not hide itself even in this little appearance he made as the man Rachel was travelling to London with. And he was the only one to call her out on her bullshit, "You are a horrible, horrible person."

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#11 Adam Goldberg

Season 2, "The One Where Eddie Moves In" and others

Eddie moved in with Chandler - along with his fish, Buddy - when Joey decided to get his own place in Season 2. He was hilariously freaky with his dehydrated fruit, accusing Chandler of killing his Buddy and watching him sleep! Who can forget Eddie! *nervous laughter*

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#10 Billy Crystal and Robin Williams

Season 3, "The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion"

They may have been one of the shortest, yet most memorable of cameos the show saw. As Monica tried to tell a story at Central Perk, the two men's drama just took over the entire situation! One suspected his wife was cheating on him, the other confessed it was him she was cheating with. Monica didn't even remember what she was talking about by the end, and neither did we!

Source: NY Daily News

#9 Alec Baldwin

Season 8, "The One With The Tea Leaves" and others

Baldwin as Phoebe's ever-enthusiastic date, Parker just blew everybody's mind. Was he a fairy disguised as a human, or just on cocaine? We'll never know! But even when he and Phoebe fought, all he could say was, "Isn't this the most incredible fight you've ever had in your entire life?"

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#8 Gary Oldman

Season 7, "The One With Monica And Chandler’s Wedding: Part 1 and Part 2"

A seasoned actor Joey had his scenes with in his World War epic movie, Gary Oldman a.k.a Richard Crosby taught Joey how to enunciate with the fine art of spitting! If you remember their final spray-fest of a take, you agree - this was a cameo to be reckoned with.

Source: TV Guide

#7 Brooke Shields

Season 2, "The One After The Superbowl: Part 1"

Joey finally believed he'd joined the big leagues on Days Of Our Lives when he finally got himself his very own stalker! Brooke Shields as Erica played the slightly cuckoo and not-so-slightly gorgeous girl who believed with a passion that Dr. Drake Ramoray, like all the events on the show were real.

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#6 Greg Kinnear

Season 10, "The One With Ross’s Grant"

Greg Kinnear as Dr. Benjamin Hobart was a Nobel Prize winning ex-boyfriend of Charlie's that doesn't even blink before asking Ross to break up with her if he wanted a grant. Plain and simple. The poor guy refused, and still didn't end up with the girl!

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#5 Jason Alexander

Season 7, "The One Where Rosita Dies"

Our very own George Costanza made an appearance on F.R.I.E.N.D.S, yes. A lot of us may not remember it, but it was truly spectacular. The suicidal office manager that Phoebe calls to sell toner and ends up saving, was not only Alexander's exact brand of perfect comedy of the pathetic, but was just plain heart-warming in the true style of this adorable show.

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#4 Julia Roberts

Season 2, "The One After The Superbowl: Part 2"

Susie Moss tricking Chandler into getting stranded naked - correction, in nothing but panties - in a restaurant bathroom was one of the most badass revenge pranks for a lot of us growing up. You are undeniable top 5 material, Susie Underpants.

Source: Movie Pilot

#3 Bruce Willis

Season 6, "The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad" and others

Elizabeth's dad, Paul Stevens stuck around for a few episodes, and boy did we enjoy every side of him we saw. One minute he was "a neat guy" and "just a love machine" and the next, 'Chicken Boy' opened the flood gates to his emotions and couldn't stop crying! Just. Gold.

Source: Comic Book Resources

#2 Brad Pitt

Season 8, "The One With The Rumor"

This cameo most certainly needs no reminders. By far one of the most memorable guest appearances the show had, Brad Pitt's role as Will from high school was especially charming simply because it was Jen Aniston's (then) husband playing a guy who utterly hated her character. The co-founder of the 'I Hate Rachel Club' and starter of the rumour that Rachel had a "teeny-weiny", Will gave us laughs that are still fresh for us more than a decade later.

"You knocked her up, but you're not gonna marry her? Dude!" *raises hand for hi-five*

Source: Life And Style Mag

#1 Ben Stiller

Season 3, "The One With The Screamer"

The date that Rachel brought to Joey's play, Tommy, or Ben Stiller was that dude who thought it was normal to scream his lungs out at people for as little as sitting in the wrong seats at the theatre! And he somehow made it through the entire episode with only Ross witnessing his astounding crazies - except, of course, at the end when the whole gang hears him yelling murder at the chick and the duck from across the hall!

"Step away from the duck." said Chandler as the rest watched, stunned.

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*slow clap* Well done, sirs and madams. You, among so many others, were to F.R.I.E.N.D.S what chaar chand are to a mehfil in Bollywood.