Just a couple of days ago, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, "AAP doesn't have money to fight the elections."

Quite obviously Twitter started trolling him.

Source: KyaUkhaadLega/twitter
Source: coolfunnytshirt/twitter

Then his parody account tweeted this fake image with an amazing blend of sarcasm and irony.

Source: TrollKejri/twitter

Soon, others started trolling Kejriwal using the same picture. Some of them were tweeting after being convinced that this is real while some were just having fun. Take a look at the funniest tweets.

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Seriously, with this picture, it seems like Kejriwal is that guy of the group who always has money but says, "Bhai bilkul paise nahi hai, wallet check karle." when asked to give a party. Thank god it was a fake picture because it would be really weird seeing a front page ad like this featuring the CM.