It's very heartening to see handles like UP Tourism on social media. It shows that the government is making an effort to be relevant and bring more business in. But, couple of hours ago this official account of UP Tourism did something that blew everyone's mind away. Take a look at the tweet: 

Source: uptourismgov/twitter

Twitter was shocked and amused at the same time by the language of this tweet and as usual started making fun of this masterpiece:

Source: coolfunnytshirt/twitter
Source: kyaukhaadlega/twitter
Source: roflbaba/twitter
Source: hindifakingnews/twitter

Some tweeps quoted the tweet but UP Tourism was quick enough to delete the tweet, maybe to avoid further trolling -

Source: abhic4ever/twitter
Source: rahulroshan/twitter
Source: kyaukhaadlega/twitter

Oh sweet lord! It reminded me of this scene from friends -

Source: Unibaggage

Akhilesh Yadav must be very confused -  whatever he does people on Twitter stay right behind him, laughing.