Some people call it The Lightning Bolt. Others refer to it as Bolting

But what exactly is the backstory of Usain Bolt's signature move?

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The iconic celebration first became famous after the Jamaican celebrated his first 3 Olympic gold medals in Beijing in 2008. 

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And since then, Bolt has carried on with the celebration. He did the same at London 2012 when he won 3 more gold medals.

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It's quite catchy, everyone has tried it out... From Barack Obama to Prince Harry... 

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But what exactly is this celebration? Where did it come from?

Well, Bolt refers to the move as To Di World (To The World). It is inspired by a dance move from Dancehall, an up-tempo musical style derived from reggae that is hugely popular in Jamaica.

And Bolt loves Dancehall.

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"It is called 'To Di World' and I feel I am connecting to the people of the world when I do it," says Bolt.

"I started doing it for fun but people loved it so much they would be angry if I stopped."

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We're not complaining, Mr Bolt. In fact, we're loving. So keep at it.

To Di World. Always!