Kashmir is not a political problem but a "communal" movement of "Islamic fundamentalists", the VHP today claimed and called for a zero tolerance approach in dealing with the current situation in the state.

"Kashmir is not a political problem rather it's totally a communal and Islamic fundamentalist agitation. The situation should be dealt with zero tolerance and any delay and failure to do so is encouraging such elements," a VHP spokesman said.

VHP leader Pravin Togadia/ Source: PTI

He said, "We conclude our submission by saluting our armed forces who have sacrificed their men while imposing rule of law and while protecting our borders with neighbouring countries".

VHP welcomed the all-party delegation headed by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to Jammu in a bid to hammer out a solution to the current phase of agitation and protests in Kashmir Valley by anti-national elements.

It said it views the Kashmir protests as part of a long-term "nefarious plan" of anti-national forces to cleanse the Kashmir Valley of Hindus.

(Feature image source: PTI)