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I often look back at life and try to find out why I befriended a few of my past collegemates. I often look at a certain star-kid trying to act all baaghi and think why is it even a reality. In the same way, every time I come across a momo outlet I think about vegetarian momos.

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Why is this even a thing? Is God trying to play a cruel joke on all of us? Is this going to be the reason behind mankind's downfall?

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momo (Noun)

Meaning: (in Tibetan cooking) a steamed dumpling filled with meat

Veg momos aren't a thing, guys. It just isn't. It's a way for vegetarians to hijack a perfectly good dish with their abysmal habit of adding vegetables to it. It's like veg kabab (which is basically garden-variety aloo tikki).

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Please note that I don't have a problem with cheese momos. They are great to eat and also cheat on your New Year's Resolution to lose weight. But cabbage has no place in a momo. Please take your vegetables and walk off the face of the earth.

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Everyone has a different theory about what actually makes for a decent filling in veg-momos. Yep you can be as vague as you like when it comes to vegetarian food apparently. Mostly, it's basically cabbage and let's be honest here - bandh gobhi turns everything bad.

And for those claiming soyabean being a good ingredient for the filling, please note that soyabean is basically garden variety chicken. Which isn't even that great, to be honest.

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Momo has traditionally had meat filled in it. But that's not even the point here. Veg-momos just taste horrible. You bite into the momo and your mouth is filled with a huge chunk of cabbage which makes it feel like a salad inside a covering of maida. WTF!

Come on, guys. We're better than this. If we keep accepting the lie that is veg-momos, we'll keep being served garbage. Let's challenge this and rise up to this threat to our taste-buds. Fuck veg-momo.