In a bizarre case, Hyderabad techie Nikhil Reddy, who claimed he was unable to walk for months after a limb-lengthening surgery,  was seen walking several steps without a walker in a video. 

The recording has gone viral on social media, and several doctors and surgeons have called out Reddy on it. 

Reddy, a 22-year-old techie, went in for limb-lengthening surgery to increase his height by 2 inches using the Ilizarov technique at Global Hospitals in April this year, the Hindu reported. 

A team of doctors, led by orthopaedic surgeon Dr G. Chandra Bhushan, performed the controversial surgery, in which bones are artificially fractured and separated, so that new bone grows and fills up the gap, thus increasing the length of the bone once it completely heals. 

But according to Reddy and his family, he did not recover from the procedure within the stipulated time. The painful process of bone-growth took much longer than stated by doctors before the procedure, rendering Reddy completely bedridden and in immense pain. 

The Reddy family in June asked the doctors to stop the treatment altogether, alleging that it was not working. 

The Reddies had lodged a complaint with the Ethics Committee of Telangana State Medical Council, (TSMC) regarding the issue. 

The TSMC, in November, suspended Dr Chandra Bhushan's practicing license for two years as it found him guilty of indulging in unethical medical practices, The New Indian Express reported. 

Dr Bhushan had allegedly been caught on tape claiming that Reddy would be walking again in just 2 days after the surgery.

But the emergence of the video, which shows Reddy walking almost 20 steps without any crutches or walkers just days within his healing treatment began, has raised questions about the suspension of Dr Bhushan. 

Now several orthopedic surgeons are claiming that Reddy had been purposefully non-cooperative with his doctors during the healing treatment and had started walking soon after Dr Bhushan's suspension.

Reddy's family, including his father Govardhan Reddy, have reacted harshly to such claims, saying that the man has only just been able to walk a little after he got a new doctor, Deccan Chronicle reported

G Reddy claimed that they had sent the video clip of the 22-year-old walking to Global Hospitals to show them his progress, The Times of India reported. 

Feature Image Source: Twitter