There will be a cost that humanity will pay for all its atrocities, and I'm quite sure that silent onlookers won't be spared the wrath either. As humans, the most intelligent in the order of living beings, we have so adapted ourselves to the view that we are the center of the universe, and the rest of creation as a source of cheap entertainment, just like this zoo in Indonesia.

The sight that greets the eye will make your heart cringe as gaunt Sun Bears come up to the fence, begging at the onlookers for food. The Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group released footage of emancipated bears in the zoo running up to onlookers, rushing at any piece of edible item that's thrown their way. 

Source: YouTube

Marison Guciano, a senior investigator with Scorpion Investigator tells Mashable,

The bears are kept in a concrete cage and no grass. [There is] nothing natural, it is all very cruel, [It is] one of the worst zoos in all of Indonesia. Maybe it would be best if this place was closed down now, before more animals die a painful and avoidable death.
Source: YouTube

The video of the bear begging for food went viral, which led to a petition signed by 200,00 people in support of the zoo being shut down. Here's the video:

The zoo has been on the radar since last year when a Sumatran elephant died after falling ill. Not only this, many visitors have outraged over the condition in which the animals have been kept on the zoo's TripAdvisor page,

Please do not give your money to this facility. The animals are dying of neglect. They are fed only on food donations, and when there are no donations they starve. The bears are surviving by eating their feces. A giraffe died there by ingesting plastic because it was so hungry.
Source: YouTube

Another video doing the rounds, is a sun bear who is seen eating its own faeces, due to lack of food. 

Another visitor had this to say on the page,

I couldn't believe how disgusting and unclean this place was. Also the animals are poorly maintained, underfed and generally ignored by who it is who owns this god forsaken place. Please do not visit or support this evil zoo.

There will definitely come a day when we'll have to answer for this. Look at what we're leaving behind for our children.