Indian television never ceases to surprise us. There's something or the other that's guaranteed to make you laugh and mind you, these aren't comedy shows we're talking about. And this week was no different. 

While one show called its original villain back, another had a Roadies-like task. And looks like, the ugly make-up and bad CGI days are here to stay. 

We just hope they keep doing this for our 'entertainment'. Someone's got to stay positive, right?

Here's the weirdest stuff that happened on TV this week:

1. Shani

Mythology is treated like a joke on Indian television. With the crazy make-up and cringe-worthy VFX, they feed the viewers anything in the name of mythology. The lines between mythology and history are so blurred, we can't differentiate between the two anymore. With Shani, Colors TV is trying to tell the story of Shani Dev but the bizarre make-up and effects make you laugh instead and never let you focus on the plot. And somehow, all the actors overact so much, it feels like they are yelling at you! 

Source: YouTube

2. Kawach

Though the Mona Singh show has been on an experimental path lately, the show's original fucked up-ness is now missing. Every week, her husband on the show gets possessed by a spirit which later leaves his body. But the latest villain to join Kawach has brought back some hope. The man's called Jolly. He addresses himself in third person and has some undefined supernatural powers which are just meant for destruction. We weren't told anything further so we can't explain his back story but that's how Indian TV functions.

Source: YouTube

3. Brahmarakshas

The real rakshas of the show is back from the dead. It was hard to comprehend how he died in the first place but that's just another day for desi TV. 

The show had a new female rakshas but I guess that wasn't working out too well for them. The plot is now headed towards a clash between the two. While one is scared of lotus flowers, the other is scared of flute music. I don't understand how they ever claimed the rakshas title!

Source: YouTube

4. SuperCops vs Supervillains

This show on Life OK has been around for a long time and we don't understand how! This show is basically Savdhaan India mixed with some supernatural elements. So here, the cops are fighting monsters with super powers and thus are called SuperCops. Every episode has a new villain with some recycled superpowers and this is the perfect show if you want a great laugh.

Source: YouTube

5. Santoshi Maa

To give a brief of the recent events on this show, the good guys became poor because of the bad guys but now are rich again and want revenge from the bad ones. And they have made an excellent plan to do that. 

The good guy has actually given a task to the vamp to cut vegetables wearing a blindfold. We couldn't help but notice that the actor, Ayaz, was once a Roadies contestant and that has probably scarred him for life.

Source: YouTube

In case you missed watching TV, don't worry, you didn't miss a thing!