These kids, I tell you... can rule the world with their innocence & imagination combined. Their simplest flights of fancy can come up with worlds of such wonder that a grown-up mind will probably need aeons to comprehend everything. To them, the world is a simple place where a simple kiss from their mother can cure boo-boos, where a gold star on an assignment means that you're officially a hero in class, where trading WWF & Pokemon cards can solve all problems in life.

Godrej Properties’ latest video for Godrej Greens, Pune features this stunning simplicity beautifully. They asked a bunch of really adorable children to describe their dream homes. Their vivid and highly imaginative answers had us smiling from ear to ear. While most of us would find it difficult to string two concepts together to describe what our perfect home would look like, these adorable children let words and ideas flow out like it's no big deal. They talk so easily about planting trees around their houses or having a playground to play in, that it actually makes us appreciate the sheer simplicity of life. So freakin' cute, that I can't even! Watch the video & bow down to the power of “aww...”

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