In a horrific incident, a 10-month-old baby girl was beaten by a daycare employee in Navi Mumbai's Kharghar district. On Thursday, accused Afsana Shaikh and daycare owner Priyanka Nikam were arrested by the police.

According to The Indian Express, the baby girl, Ritisha was dropped at the Purva daycare by her mother Ruchita Sinha on Monday. When she later picked her up in the evening, there was swelling and other bruises on the baby's body. 

On being asked the reason for it, Afsana told the mother that Ritisha had hit herself with a toy, reported HT.

After the baby vomited later that night, the doctors confirmed that the Ritisha had been physically assaulted. When the parents took the matter to the daycare owner, she refused to claim responsibility.

Meanwhile, the parents managed to get footage of the incident on Wednesday after which a case was registered against the help and the owner of the daycare. 

In the video, Afsana can been seen beating the child ruthlessly while the other kids are sleeping on the other side. She kicks her, steps on her hand and slaps her repeatedly.