Ah, monsoon is here and we are loving it. The rains have rescued us from the scorching heat and given Instagrammers the scope of whole new photos and hashtags (#StopIt).

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The only downside of the rains is the water-logging, near the bus stop, on the main road, in the parking lot, everywhere! At this time you realize the importance of that Tide commercial which automatically cleans your dress after a splash of water from a nearby car.

But, do you know there are some people who are absolutely loving the big muddy pools? No, we are not talking about toads here.

We stumbled upon a video on Facebook in which a cart puller was escorting metro commuters across the road for Rs. 5 per head. Why, you ask? To save them from the mini ocean created by the rain and poor drainage system of the city.

Check this out-

Source: Sushant Kudesia

This guy has more business sense than Vijay Mallya.