If there's one thing that fascinates anyone even a little interested in marijuana, it's the myriad ganja products that randomly pop up every now and then. Smoking a joint? Mediocre. Try some cannabis infused vodka instead. Why use regular lube when you can use cannabis lube instead! Anyway, you get the gist. Basically, there's a lot of strange cannabis products in the world, and here are some of them

1. Cannabis Infused Toothpicks

Talk about discreet! A company from Seattle called Kush Creams has created a cannabis infused toothpick which can actually get you high. Just suck on it for around 20 minutes.

Source: Twig

2. Cannabis Infused Vodka

There are quite a few companies selling cannabis infused vodka, such as Euphoria. These can be used in cocktail recipes as well and I'm guessing they get you pretty blitzed!

Source: Theweedscene

3. Cannabis Infused Wine

A pairing that sounds like it should've existed since forever, it's strange that cannabis wine only started doing the rounds last year. Either way, I'm not complaining.

Source: Vinepair

4. Chrontella: Cannabis Infused Nutella

The holy grail of every stoner finally exists. Nutella is amazing when you're stoned, so a certain Canadian company combined the two and made this little bit of heaven in a jar.

Source: Legeekestchick

5. Oraximax Cannabis Toothpaste

Orimax actually produces a range of dental care products, all infused with cannabis and designed to reduce inflammation and tooth sensitivity.

Source: Crainsnewyork

6. Cannabis Coffee

House of Jane has a line of coffee called Jane's Brew Gourmet Cannabis-Infused Coffees, which is exactly what the name says. It might seem counterintuitive considering one wakes you up and the other really doesn't but it's got great reviews!

Source: Columnm

7. Foria Cannabis Lube

Foria is a cannabis lube that's been written about pretty extensively. It apparently helps the vaginal muscles relax and makes it easier to reach orgasm.

Source: Askmen

8. Cannabis Pain Relief Cream

Companies like Apothecanna sell a range of cannabis topicals. These basically include balms, oils and creams that can help with relief from pain and inflammation.

Source: Weedchefs

9. Cannabis Lip Balm

There's a lot of companies selling hemp lip balm, but there's even a few unique ones that actually contain THC in them, and thus get you high. Goodwitch is one of them.

Source: Marijuana

10. Cannabis Lollipops

Cannapops have been around since a while now, but we all still love them. A slow onset and a strangely likeable flavour make it a consistent favourite.

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11. Cannabis Gummies

Exactly as the name says, these candies are a great choice if you're a fan of gummy bears and also like to get high. Chewy, funky and stoney.

Source: Yibada

12. Cannabis Shampoo

A company called Cibaderm manufactures a special range of shampoos that actually use the cannabis plant in their cleansers. The main ingredient in this is cannabidiol, but the shampoo won't get you high.

Source: Heliderm

13. Cannabis Energy Drink

This attractive looking can houses an energy drink that the makers claim is totally legal. Apparently, it contains all natural ingredients and vitamins, and provides a clean burst of energy.

Source: 21food

14. Cannabis Perfume

Kush perfume can make you smell like you've been hot-boxing your car all day without actually doing any of that. Don't know if that's a good thing though.

Source: Fragrantica

15. Cannabis Dog Biscuits

Canna-Pet's hemp dog biscuits are neat little treats for for ailing dogs. These can actually help with a range of health problems for dogs, and it won't get them high either!

Source: Cannapet