Believe it or not but Barney Stinson was not the first person to lay down a certain Bro-Code!

Before the advent of #friendshipgoals and the Tu-Mera-Bhai-Hai culture, there were two guys who nailed the bakchodi game, right to the point. 

The year was 2001 and their names were Chantu and Bantu.

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Now, before you start doubting my idea of good or bad, let me remind you of the coolest thing many of us saw as children. 

Remember this?

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We all had our own personalized handshakes back in school but I challenge you to find something even remotely cooler than this. Trust you me, you shall fail!

As far as I can remember, this was probably the only movie that showed college life as it was, ignoring all the over-the-top dramas mostly showed by Bollywood. 

While we had Rahul and Anjali in their fancy-ass college, dealing with complications around love and friendship, when it came to unadulterated ghati-ness and awaaragardi that we all indulged in, nobody could match up to Chantu-Bantu

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These boys were shameless and proud. They even had a chant for it. Repeat after me: "Hum hum hain, baaki sab paani kam hain." For all of you running low on self-esteem, chant this five times a day and you'll see the difference. No kidding!

And if your self-esteem still doesn't trickle up, then compare your clothes to Chantu's

Sounds bizarre? Well, if this man could confidently wear shorts tinier than most of our brains, then we're in a much better spot. Give yourself a pat on your back, because you're not this guy!

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The point of this article is not to make you feel better about yourself but just to remind you of a movie that was everybody's unsaid 'style' book. 

Find me one person who doesn't respond to an 'excuse me' with 'kya re' and I shall stop eating biryani. Sounds like a lot is at stake, right? Not quite. I'm vegetarian! 

Anyway, moving over my food choices, to my movie choices, Style was a film that gave us prank ideas like no one ever had. While Chantu and Bantu fooled around with everyone in their college, the girls weren't any less either. 

Remember how they got a guy to remove his shirt in front of the entire college? 

Chantu-Bantu spared nobody. From making prank calls to their Principal to ripping off the college canteen guy,  the duo's level of crazy was insane. 

Back in college, when you thought of becoming an engineer, lawyer or writer, Chantu and Bantu just wanted to be crorepatis. And there's no better way to do that than marrying rich AF girls, right?

They find Sheena and Rani and go full insane trying to woo them. They find a way into the girls hostel by disguising themselves as, you guessed it, GIRLS! 

As manipulative and indecent as it may sound, their cheap tactics got them the girls, who they eventually fall in love with (because well, Bollywood). 

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Although the movie tried very hard to sell us the plot, we were more than happy with the dynamics of Chantu and Bantu. To be honest, I am still unable to recall the main plot, which apparently involved murder and a whole lot of confusion. 

But who cares? Because this movie taught us style mein rehne ka!