India Today's #SexSurvey16 is out on the news stand. And this time, the magazine got the latest internet sensation, Mallika Dua, to share her unusual interpretation of the survey. And, dear Lord, is she funny or is she funny?! Her previous works include that Sarojni Nagar video which had us in splits a while back.

The 13th annual sex survey was conducted among 4042 people from 13 cities across the country.

Some of the stats this time around are as follows:

  • 63.9% were virgins at the time of marriage.
  • 43.2% have never watched pornography.
  • 52.6% say oral sex is not important to them.
  • 59.5% say they do not masturbate.
  • 68.1% are not sexually attracted to anyone other than their partner.
  • 69.5% have never engaged in casual sex.
  • 19.4% said they wish they had "very less" sex.
  • 52.2% said watching pornography has not affected their expectations from their sex life.

To get the rest of the information, you will have to get yourself a copy.