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Mar 25, 2016 at 17:22

What Happens When Men Try To Fashion. Expectation V/S Reality

by Prachi

Gone are the days when fashion was only a woman's forte. Now, there are fashion magazines dedicated exclusively to men. But just like women, men also struggle when it comes to fashion. Only, the results might be a wee bit more hilarious. These posters describe perfectly well just how different the reality turns out to be from what one optimistically expects. 

1. When you suit up for that fancy office party... 

2. When the movie 300 inspires you to join the bearded men club

3. A man bun looks really sexy... but only in your head

4. There's a reason why tight T-shirts are so passé

5. When you try to imitate Beckham for your best friend's cocktail party

6. When Chris Hemsworth convinces you that Long Hair = Sexy

7. When you try and fail to be the coolest hipster in town

8. When you put on a crisp shirt for that big presentation...

This is one thing that doesn't have to be all that different from your expectations. With Blackberrys' new Unwrinkle shirts, you can meet at least one of your fashion goals. 

Design Credits: Suvojyoti Ray

Sponsored by Blackberrys


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