Many people consider it 'unlucky' if they are, for some reason, given the middle seat on a flight. With no window or easy aisle access, a person stuck in the centre seat on a plane is often left with all the complaining and self pity along with two precarious armrests. Ever wondered who gets those armrests between seats when you're part of that one-third?

According to Daniel Post Senning, the great-great-grandson of American etiquette author Emily Post and a co-author of Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th edition - 

The person in the middle should have the choice in claiming the armrests. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be common knowledge, and it doesn’t convince some passengers to stay planted in the centre.
Source: Boarding Area

Here's what he actually meant:

Source: Golden Rules of Travel

However, when frequent airplane travellers were asked about it, the response was as confusing as we thought. Eric Fung who travels minimum four times a month said to BBC - 

I feel that the shared armrest was invented by a twisted person who wanted to see endless battles on who occupies each armrest.I think the person on each side has an entire armrest to themselves, so they are obligated to follow the lead of the person in the middle seat. If they want to lean completely on one armrest or the other throughout the flight, that's their prerogative.
Source: Everywhereism

British Airways' Stainton also shared his views on the much heated debate. He said - 

I believe that it should be shared, with each person having the opportunity to use it at different times throughout the flight. Perhaps if the person next to you is larger in size, elderly or with a child, then as a gesture of good will it should be given to them. 

If you're in the 'dreaded' middle seat on your next flight, what will you do about the armrests? Tell us in the comments section below!