Since the existence of women, the world has wondered why are they the gender that simply loves to complain. Women are known to nag and grumble at the drop of a hat.

And the whole world has often questioned... 

Why do women complain so much? 

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What is it that’s making them so disgruntled about life?

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Like, really. Why?

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Women just have to nag at the drop of a hat and we'll never even know why.

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If there's a reason for their peculiar behaviour, why don't they just talk about it?

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There may be a reason why women are so anxious all the time.

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Is it that time of the month maybe?

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Or is it something that's been bothering them at work?

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Maybe something's troubling them at home.

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There could be several reasons.

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Wish we could decipher.

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But women are just way too complicated.

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Even the most minor inconvenience sends them into a frenzy.

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Women should just chill, you know.

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Try it some time.

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It's great to be tension-free and without worry.

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Which brings us back to why women worry so much.

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And complain about literally everything.

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Lord knows what's wrong with them.

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And they'll never really tell us.

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Can women who complain please just tell us what's going on?

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I guess we'll never know.