Brrrr... How do people even type in winters? 

Now that is just one of the many questions that we keep asking, all thanks to this cold, cruel weather. While winters have their own sweet charm, they do come with their own problems. And if you're a woman, they are manifold! 

From chapped lips to frozen toes, wardrobe dilemmas to dry skin, the list is endless. We all know about these struggles a little too well, don't we? So, to make winters a little bit more bearable, we decided to give you some cuteness to survive through the season. 

Go ahead, check them out:

Every damn day! 

Who needs a bath when you have such aromatic fragrances to choose from, right? 

Winters are for toilet paper. 

Well, it smells super fresh.

We are the masters of camouflage.

Guilty, as charged.

Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing everyday. So why can't we? 

It looks better on, right? 

*Gotta go check in the mirror*

Who's got the time, right? 

It's a real struggle, ladies. 

The boob curse is real! 

When bare skin touches a cold surface but you're wearing a dress and have to keep it reined in. 

No matter what, your lips are going to feel like sandpaper all the damn time! 

When this happens...

Have a happy winter, ladies!

Cute illustrations by Aakansha Pushp & Puneet Gaur