A woman in Andhra Pradesh allegedly had to drag her ailing, physically challenged husband by his hand up to the second floor of of a government hospital in Anantapur after hospital authorities snubbed her request for a wheelchair or stretcher, India Today reported. 

In what is a case of gross negligence on the part of health authorities, staff at Guntakal Government Hospital allegedly ignored the requests of Srivani, a local who brought in her husband, P Srinivasaacari, after he fell sick with diarrhea and severe stomach pain. 

P Srinivasaacari  is a security guard in Hyderabad, but had returned home after his health condition deteriorated. 

A video of the incident contains graphic footage of Srivani dragging her husband up the ramp to the concerned doctor's chamber on the first floor, even as onlookers watched on, has caused outrage in the media. 

Hospital-in-charge Mallikarjun Reddy told India Today: 

“There were five stretchers available in the hospital at the time of the incident and he came to know about this when everything was over.”

According to a report in NDTV, the staff at the hospital had told Srivani that the two wheelchairs and a stretcher would soon be available to her, but she refuedto wait. Srivani, whose husband had been undergoing treatment in the same hospital, however, claims that the unavailability of wheelchairs was nothing new. 

An inquiry has been launched into the incident. 

Feature Image Source: PTI