A woman in has mortgaged her 'mangalsutra' to construct a toilet in her house at Barahkhanna village in Bihar's Rohtas following which the district administration made her the brand ambassador of total sanitation programme recognising her effort. 

Phool Kumari took the step after she had failed to raise adequate money by working as a cook at a local primary school as her farm labourer husband's income is meagre, the local panchayat said. 

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She also braved the opposition of male members of her family while mortgaging her 'mangalsutra' to arrange the required money, they said. 

Rohtas District Magistrate Animesh Kumar Parashar said that he along with other district administration officials will participate in the inauguration of construction work for a toilet at Kumari's house in the presence of her husband and father-in-law on Wednesday.

"The woman was made brand ambassador of the total sanitation programme in the district to inspire others. We will ensure that the toilet is constructed within 10 days." he said.

(Feature Image Source: Wikimedia, YouTube)