A dare, a tweet and 4 years later this woman is married to her Twitter crush. This modern day fairy tale romance has got everyone's attention and why not! While the world is nursing heartbreaks, here comes a story of a man and a woman who met over Twitter and books and decided to spend a lifetime together. Aww! 

 It all started back in 2012, when Victoria, a book nerd, decided to accept a friend's dare and tweet to her crush, Jonathan, the man behind the nerdy tweets from a bookstore, that had caught her fancy.

Obviously the tweet did not go unnoticed. The couple tweeted back and forth a bit before deciding to meet in person. And clearly their first date was magical because Jonathan surprised Victoria by presenting her with her favourite book. Four years later, the couple got married on July 17.

And because it is 2016, there were Pokémon at the wedding. Like, duh!

 Just look at the two of them, don't they want to make you believe in love again?

 Pics Courtesy: Twitter.com/VictoriaOB_