It's always a judgment, whether a compliment or a remark, anything you say about a person's body is you passing your viewpoint about them. As a woman, your body seems to become the domain of the public, the moment you step out your door. The pepper spray, the house keys in your hand, and that karate class you have joined because your new neighbourhood is not so safe anymore - all point out the way you have faced and tackled objectification.

So this lady got an idea. She painted out all the words she has received as judgment for the body she was born into, and lived with, all her life. 

It has compliments, catcalls and every other thing where her body was commented upon. Jojo Oldham, the artist, is not shrugging it off anymore and that's some activism done in style.

This 31-year-old, who own a website where she sells her wares, has found a brilliant way of showing people the mirror.

Right from the comments about the weight of her body, the size of her breasts, to her hips, Oldham has painted them all in this 'work of art'.

In her website, she writes,

The nasty things people have said about my appearance don't upset me anymore, but they have stuck with me, and they have definitely shaped the way I think about myself. I think it's a massive shame that we waste so much time thinking badly of ourselves and knocking each other down, when we could all collectively decide to end this madness once and for all.

Oldham started out painting the comments on paper, but realised that it would be better to create something she could wear. She bought a cheap white dress and started painting.

This is her way of fighting off anything anybody has had to say about her physique.

We totally get you, girl! They don't get it when they tell you to ignore, and words can really bite. We hope this acceptance is understood by many others. Thank you for doing this!

Image source: LovelyJojos