Too fat, too skinny, too tall or too short, women have had to face body shaming since forever now. And by that I don't just the past 10 years or so, it's been in practice since the Victorian Era! How, you ask? Well, remember the corset that Victorian women had to wear under their long, flowing gowns? These women were expected to have a certain body shape, what we now call 'hour-glass figure'. So, body shaming is not a new phenomenon. It's been there since the existence of men and women itself.

What's even worse about body shaming is that it's not just men who are indulging in it, the women too are shaming fellow women. And knowingly or unknowingly, we do that too. But who are we to decide what looks good on a body, and what doesn't, unless it's your own? 

And inspired, or rather annoyed with this practice, Mallorie Dunn, owner of clothing brand SmartGlamour started a project #ImFlattered. She collaborated with 9 women of every shape, size and ethnicity, dressing them up in clothes they were 'told' not to wear. And it is the best response to every body shamer out there: 

Here are the 9 inspiring women who look absolutely kick-ass wearing whatever they want to:

Women, no one gets to tell you what you 'should' or 'should not' wear. NO ONE. 

H/T: Upworthy

All images sourced from SmartGlamour.