Whenever we speak about mammoth ships, Titanic comes to the mind first. But, it's 2016 and we have ships way more powerful and large than the 'unsinkable'.

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And for ships way larger than the Titanic, we need engines way powerful than the one powering the Titanic. Wärtsilä RT-flex96C, with the height of a four-story building, is the world’s largest engine.

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It makes 109,000 horsepower – the Titanic's engine were ‘only’ 15,000hp. It is a two-stroke turbocharged low-speed diesel engine designed by the Finnish manufacturer Wärtsilä.

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It is designed for large container ships that run on heavy fuel oil. Its largest 14-cylinder version is 13.5 metres (44 ft) high, 26.59 m (87 ft) long, weighs over 2,300 tonnes, and produces 80,080 kilowatts (107,390 hp).

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 The engine is the largest reciprocating engine in the world. Take a look at the specifications.

Source: The Vintage News

The largest version of 14-cylinder version was put into service in September 2006 aboard the Emma Mærsk.