Remember we told you about the world's longest glass bridge built in China? 

Well, as it turns out, the bridge - standing at 180 metres above ground - garnered so much popularity within a short span of time that it had to be closed just 2 weeks after its opening. 

Source: Daily News

The bridge is 430 meters long and allows only 800 people to cross it at one point of time. 

It hangs 300 metres above ground and is said to have been inspired by the landscapes of the movie, Avatar. 

Source: Inhabitat

Officials maintaining the bridge said they were overwhelmed with the response they received since the opening of the bridge on August 13. But it only means that it will soon need some urgent repairs. 

Source: China Daily

The bridge was already exceeding its limit of 8,000 people per day by 10 times! 

Source: Everything Info

Well, we hope it opens up again after maintenance. But safety first, right?