While there was merriment on the streets of Cologne in Germany during its annual Carnival, an incident of sexual assault that was broadcast live on television soon killed the fun.

Esmerelda Labye, a reporter for the Belgian station RTBF, who was covering the carnival in Cologne was groped and assaulted by young German men during a live television broadcast on Thursday, reports CNN.

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Surprisingly, the incident happened amid high security which had been tightened after a number of sexual assaults on New Year's Eve.

Narrating her experience, Labye has written an article on RTBF,  where she condemns the "wretched and cowardly men" who assaulted her and warns it is increasingly difficult for female journalists to report the news without being harassed. 

This is what she had to say:

"As I started the broadcast, two or three man gathered behind me and tried to make themselves the centre of attention," she wrote.

"I didn't see them as I was focusing on the broadcast. Then I felt a kiss on my neck...almost immediatley after I heard someone saying 'do you want to sleep with me' and some hands on my shoulders.

"It was at that exact moment that one of the men leaned over and touched my breast. At that moment I lost my temper and, knowing we were no longer live, I turned around and warned him, do not touch me again.''

Watch the video here:

Source: BBC/YouTube