Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has confirmed it will be launching the Mi Note 2 flagship smartphone at a Beijing event on Tuesday, kicking off at 11:30am IST. 

In a tweet on Friday, Xiaomi said the Mi Note has been "curved to impress". 

Even before the launch, the smartphone has generated a lot of buzz specially because of the dual-edge display, which is a first for Xiaomi. And in its latest teaser, the company has indeed confirmed that the phone will indeed have a dual-edge display which seems very similar to what Samsung has offered in its Galaxy S6 edge and S7 edge smartphones.

Another key highlight of the smartphone is the dual-camera setup, which seems to be the latest trend on mid-range and premium smartphones, something we saw in the latest iPhone 7.

Other than that, this is what we know so far as per various leaks and rumours:

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