In a fresh twist in the Dadri lynching case, a report prepared by a forensic lab in Mathura has concluded that the meat found in the victim's house was beef, eight months after the attack set of a fierce debate over intolerance. 

The finding was in contrast to the preliminary report of an enquiry by the Uttar Pradesh Veterinary department which said the meat over which Mohammad Akhlaq, 52, was lynched on September 28 last year in Dadri was mutton of 'goat progeny'. 

Immediately after the news broke out, 'Dadri' was trending on Twitter... no surprises there. The manner in which many Twitter users directly or indirectly justified the killing is shocking to say the least. 

What these people posted took bigotry and insensitivity to another level.

They even dragged in poor Shaktiman, the deceased police horse, into the debate. Talk about losing the plot.

Having said that, some were more outraged against the 'sickular' media for painting 'Hindus' is badlight.

And many were content with it now being a 'killing due to suspected theft' and not a 'communal' incident.

Of course, there were those sane voices which reinstated your faith in humanity and society, but those voices are only a fraction of the overwhelming bigots out there, who actually have the temerity to justify the lynching. 

Hope better sense prevails soon. Peace!