Can't quite find the perfect pint? A London brewer claims to have the answer -a beer designed around your DNA profile. The Meantime Brewing Company in Greenwich said that designing a product to suit a particular person's palate was a world first. 

Source: Youtube/Reuters

“What we looked at doing was trying to create a beer where we could produce a drink specifically to that person, so looking at their DNA to understand the taste profile of the individual to then say OK, you particularly identify bitter flavours or sweet flavours and then produce a beer which has that characteristic so you would ultimately like that beer and it would suit your taste buds perfectly,“ the company's brewmaster Ciaran Giblin said.

Launching in February , Meantime Bespoke customers will have their DNA analysed to look for variations in the gene that allows us to taste bitter compounds like those found in cabbage, coffee and certain dark beers. Then it's back to the brewery and tried and tested variations of barley , hops, yeast and water. 

“It's about interpreting all these different facets to bring it together to produce one beer that someone is going to like. So it's a complex process. It's not a simple case of just putting it all in together and off it goes. There's lots of elements that we've got to draw in together to focus on in order to deliver the beer that is perfect for someone to drink,“ Giblin said. Customers have to pay £25,000 or the privilege -and for a little extra can impact the whole process of creating a new beer.

Source: Youtube screengrab

“You have influence on what the label looks like, on what the taste of the beer looks like. You can even get a glass perfectly formed to your hand so you can enjoy it in the perfect way . A glass can influence the flavour of the beer as well. So it really ticks off every box that you go through and then you get to share it with friends or if you're a businessman or wherever you go,“ the firm's marketing director Richard Myers said. Customers will get 12 hectolitres of their unique brew in bottles -more than 2,000 pints.