PM Narendra Modi's speech to a joint meeting of US Congress got him a lot of standing ovations on Wednesday. They applauded when he spoke of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Terrorism, Indian-Americans winning spelling bees in the US and renewable energy. And it wasn't a bad speech at all.

But it was a different story if you were watching the speech with subtitles. The auto subtitles on the Prime Minister's YouTube channel went nuts with the subtitles and you got some gems. Like:

When he tried to say who he was representing

When he tried to say what the US was the land of:

When he spoke about India's difficult independence but ended up sounding like he was talking Rachel:

When he tried to talk about yoga:

When he spoke about US companies but ended up saying:

When terrorism was all about a tree:

And ended up thanking the:

Next time his media advisors might want to put out their own subtitles rather than letting YouTube work its magic.