Very soon, Wi-Fi is about to get much faster! The Wifi Alliance, a non-profit organisation which deals with WiFi certification and standards, has just announced that it will be certifying electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, etc with WiGig. 

WiGig, the super fast wifi standard is so fast, it nearly doubles the wifi speed of any device.

Users can expect to get WiGig in most high end, flagship smartphones and laptops, as well as routers by next year. 

How much faster is WiGig? 

According to Wilocity, a company manufacturing 60 Hz chips used in Wigig, it is much faster than regular WiFi. If an average 2 mins HD video takes about a minute to upload via the standard WiFi network, it would take merely seconds to upload it via the new standard, and just 5 secs to transfer about 1,000 pictures from one device to another. 

You can also download a 1080 p film on your tablet device within just 3 minutes, as opposed to an hour that it takes on the older standard. 

Source: b'Representational Image | WiFi Router | Source: Reuters\xc2\xa0'

WiGig will be included in the new wireless standard (802.11ad), which will appear on electronic devices, as opposed to the 802.11 ac wireless standard that current devices run on. 

The older 802.11 ad standard would give maximum speeds of 4.5 GB/sec, but the new one would give an 8 GB/sec speed. 

And there's more..

The high speed will also support innovations such as VR (Virtual Reality), and would be useful for 4K videos, streaming phone and laptop content to desktop monitors, and applications involving augmented reality. 

Through the new standard, it will be easier to transmit content from tablets and gaming consoles to television sets. It will also transmit audio content from audio systems to speakers and connect all your living room devices, giving you the complete wireless experience.

Source: b'VR device | Source: AFP\xc2\xa0'

Any shortcomings?

Because of its higher frequency and wavelength, the new standard has a shorter range. Where the old standard WiFi can extend upto several hundred feet, WiFig can only extend up to 30 feet. But once outside 30 feet, WiGig will function at the older standard's speed. 

When can you expect it? 

Some routers flaunting the brand new technology have already hit the market. According to Wifi Alliance, which constitutes of a lot of big names of the tech industry, WiGig devices will be available from 2017. 

(Feature Image Source: Reuters )