We know Zakir Khan as the man who makes thousands laugh with a few lines. This video reveals a different side of Zakir, who brings out our buried feelings with just a couple of touching anecdotes about his father. 

We all love our parents but somewhere in the midst of finding ourselves and our purpose in life we sideline a lot of things which are more important than everything else. How often do we ignore calls from our parents on the pretext of work, how often do we ignore meeting them quoting some important work? In our cluttered lives we lose sight of what really matters and then mourn their loss later on. We wish we could have spent more time with them and created more beautiful memories. 

Zakir Khan sheds light on the innumerable sacrifices our parents make to keep us happy and yet they never complain. Their love for us is palpable and yet we take it for granted. Their lives are spent in nurturing us and helping us grow, they exult in our achievements and partake in our sorrow. You'll never know fully what all they have done for us. 

Watch the video below:

So pick up the phone, call your parents and tell them you love them. They deserve it.