I say Pakistan, you think Coke Studio, or cricket, or carpets and shawls, or Sindhi Biryani. What probably doesn't strike your thoughts is the amazing natural beauty that is to be found in this neighboring country. 

Just like India, Pakistan has a wealth of mountains, rivers, lakes, and roads that lead into the sun marked horizons, and absolutely gorgeous sights that will take your breath away.

Instagram account Travel Beautiful Pakistan is doing some rad work curating some of the best sights across Pakistan captured by some really good photographers. 

In the words of great Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars - Don't believe me, just watch!

It is a land where the sky mirrors the water. 

Source: asimnisarbajwa

 And nature nurtures.

Source: faixeesphotography

 The art is apparent in the architecture.

Source: myselfkumail

 And there are all kinds of terrains that come together. 

Source: usman_zubair

 Flock of clouds, and strips of farms make for dreamy locations to stay in. 

Source: engr.usama2014

 There are royally magnificent buildings to admire. 

Source: babarasghar

 And you will find beauty in regular scenes as well.

Source: nomans_photography

 And some sights will remind you a lot of home. 

Source: sheraliphotography

 Because when you are on the road, you become a traveller belonging everywhere. 

Source: asmarsphotography

 You will meet beautiful souls everywhere. 

Source: adeelchishti

 And the most wonderful sights will take your breath away. 

Source: not.just.nut

Some faces will stay with you for long.

Source: babrakk

 So will some sights.

Source: faixeesphotography

 And then some more. 

Source: ali_awaiss

 The roads will lead you to many places.

Source: mr.hunzai

 And you will realise that wherever you go, you will find that people are the same. 

Source: GulraizGhouri

 That they have the same lives as the people back home. 

Source: adeelchishti

 That Nature doesn't discriminate in being beautiful for anyone.

Source: sheraliphotography

 And you are citizens of the world, living under one wide sky.

Source: munibshaikhh

 No matter where home is.

Source: humzashk

And that is all there is to remember.