Hey Aadhaar,

It’s been a while since we met. But, you’re in the news again.

Our relationship was great. You accepted me even when I looked my worst. And you were there for me when clubs refused to give me drinks and always helped me enter airports.

There was also the occasional hand-holding.

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But like all good things, the honeymoon phase was over soon. You started demanding too much.

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You would keep tabs on my calls. And my finances.

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I kept looking for a way out. But it was all in vain.

Until this brief moment in between, when I thought I had finally gotten rid of you.

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But alas! You found other ways to wriggle your way back into my life.

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I didn't think you'd come back with so much vigour. But you did. And how!

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In my heart, all I want is a world without you. Unfortunately, I know you aren’t going anywhere. But I’m never gonna lose hope.


Let go already.