Racism has been a social evil for centuries in our society and thousands of Indians have been at the receiving end of racial discrimination. On Wednesday, Indian opener Abhinav Mukund took to Twitter to speak against the bias after he was abused for his skin colour.

Mukund shared an emotional letter with his friends and followers on a social media platform. In his letter, the Tamil Nadu cricketer wrote that "fair isn't the only lovely or handsome."

The southpaw claimed that he had been subjected to a lot of name-calling since his childhood but he always chose to ignore them. He said that it hurts him to see that the rise of social media has led to people getting abused for their skin colour, something they can't control.

"Stay true, stay focussed, be comfortable in your own skin" is how Mukund concluded his letter.

Mukund, who made 81 in the second innings of the first Test against Sri Lanka at Galle, later, clarified that his letter was in reaction to the abuses hurled at him recently and "has absolutely no connection to anyone in the team".

The cricketer gathered a lot of support on Twitter.

Feature image: Reuters