When you see Kashmir through the lens of football, you will see 'The Real Kashmir'. 

With these words, the ad for Real Kashmir FC ends, leaving you with goosebumps. Trust me when I say this, the 2 minutes you spend watching this video will possibly be the best 2 minutes of your day. 

While talking of Indian football and contributing states, the thought of Kashmir usually doesn't strike any of us. 

The valley, divided by borders and opinions, has been struggling for so many decades that struggle has become a part of almost every narrative coming from the place.

It's high time that changed. 

The goals against the backdrop of Himalayas, and tackles near a stream- playing football takes a whole new meaning in Kashmir.

Kashmir makes the beautiful game, more beautiful.

And football makes Kashmir what it is known to be- heaven. 

Source: Livemint

You can watch the complete ad, here. Be prepared for some intense feels.