Now I am not a fitness freak. While I mostly eat healthy, I do miss out on doing some exercise, 'cause let's just face it, we just want to take it easy. We all have busy schedules and while most of us blame our lifestyles for it, there's only so many excuses we can make. Sometimes we just need someone to shake us up from this lethargic existence. A wake-up call of sorts. Speaking of which, the other day, I just stumbled across this video on the Internet with a bunch of people getting into a lift.

Sounds pretty normal, eh? I mean, we all take the office lift all the time! All of a sudden, people in the lift hear a voice, a familiar one. They realized that they were inside a talking lift. The voice was of Aditi Mittal, one of the biggest stand-up comedians in the country. She was ready to roast one and all sitting inside a control room with a mike in tow giving them the wake-up call I was talking about. She poked fun at many; starting from the gym freak who practically lives on a treadmill but would never take the stairs, to the girl who was busy with finishing up her foundation. At her witty best, Aditi Mittal taught these folks an important lesson in a quirky way. A small amount of exercise (even taking the stairs instead of the lift) can dramatically decrease the risk of one having a heart ailment. So this World Heart Day, ICICI Lombard along with Aditi Mittal are urging folks to hop on to the stairs and skip the lift to #DoTheDifficult. So, it's time to pull up your socks and sweat it out! Watch the video and I'm sure Aditi will convince you too to #DoTheDifficult!