'I don't hate cats. I'm just neutral about them.' Well my friend, that's because you don't follow tons of cat pages on social media that post adorable catto images, being all goofy. Here's to celebrating kitties in all their glory. And their eyes.

You're well acquainted with puppy eyes melting hearts like ice cream in the sun. Now, let these kitty-cat eyes fill you to the brim.

What cuteness! Let me just die for you. 

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Aww, you big googly eyes.

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Sealing the deal, with those eyes, is a piece of cade, I mean, cake.

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God : Have my all, you blue-eyed whisker of a munchkin.

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What an angel!

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I see your puppy eyes, and I raise you kitty eyes.

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So, this is why all those polar caps are melting. Fair enough

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Himb does a sniff.

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Awww. If this doesn't wreck your heart, then IDK man, what will.

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Gosh. Kitty face is the ultimate weapon they have for world domination. Like, no one would even suspect something's up.

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You can say 'I see the world in your eyes' to this pretty, and it won't be entirely false.

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Himb has button eyes.

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Bigger buttons, I am squealing.

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Himb has a heart-touching smile. I'll be happy for a week now.

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What's wrong, Mr. Whiskers? Are you not getting enough lovies?

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Get you someone who looks at you like this.

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What's better than a pair of two kitty eyes? Four kitty eyes!

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What divine, my feline.

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Still think cats are jerks? After all these kitty faces? Are you kitten me?