After her party crashed to a terrible loss in the Uttar Pradesh state elections, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati alleged that the electronic voting machines used in the elections had been tampered with.

"The victory of the BJP in Muslim-dominated constituencies only confirms that electronic voting machines have been tampered with," Mayawati said, 

The Bahujan Samaj Party chief alleged that complaints had been received that no matter the button pressed on an EVM the vote was being given to the BJP only. 

She said that she had written to the Election Commission stating her complaint.

"Muslims are saying that they did not vote for the BJP, so where have the votes for the BJP come from?" Mayawati said.  

The BSP chief demanded a probe into the issue by a international team and said that the results shouldn't be declared till it is done. 

She alleged that tampering had been seen in the case of the Mumbai civic polls as well. Mayawati claimed that she had been asked about it by a journalist earlier but hadn't paid attention to it at the time. 

Mayawati said that the tampering of EVMs was bad for democracy in the country. She demanded that it be established that the EVMs have not been tampered with. 

"I hope that the BSP gets the support of all opposition parties in this matter because this is a direct assault on democracy in this country," she said. 

She alleged the tampering wasn't done in other states like Punjab and Goa by the BJP because they were scared that they would be caught.