No matter what we buy, it's indirectly affected by the millions of ads we see everyday. And that's why, companies try their level best to grab our attention. Take for example, mobile network giant Aircel, that offers a 'mobile network so smooth, you can sail right through it'.

Like literally.

Source: Network2media

Giving people a boat to use in an emergency? Brilliant initiative, we say.

However, since this is real world and not a Sooraj Barjatya film, people are not always super sanskari. Which probably explains why someone stole an Aircel life boat worth (approximately) 2.5-3 lakhs in Guwahati.

Tch tch tch! Well, in defence of whoever stole it, the billboard DID say cut the rope in case of an emergency. And 'emergency' is pretty subjective.

Maybe the thief was feeling lonely and just needed someone by his side.

Source: 1080plus

Or maybe, it was this guy who didn't want to face the embarrassment of his previous vacation again.

Source: Japonec

Or maybe these people, who were ridiculed by their friends and thus decided to bring a legit raft the next time.

Source: Furysmile

Well, atleast there were some kind people out there who tried giving some leads.

It's okay, Aircel. You'll sail through this tragedy.