Akshay Kumar has never liked doing ordinary stuff. Which probably explains why he keeps doing all those dangerous stunts. The man hates normal. And even if it's something as normal as taking a bath, he makes sure to add some adventure to it.

As proved by this old scene from the 1994 blockbuster 'Suhaag'.

The scene begins with lots of bubbles and a ton of foam in the bath tub. "Who could be inside that bath tub?" you wonder.

Suddenly, a hand pops up.

Then another hand pops up.

Then, a pair of legs pop up. (I know. It's irritating. But please bear with me.)

Then suddenly, someone looking like the abominable snowman pops out of the bath tub.

And then you realize, that it's Akshay Kumar!

And he's wearing this!


He then proceeds to take a really vigorous bath, while the song 'It's my life' plays in the background.

Long before Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar was the original 'towel boy' of Bollywood.

Check out the entire video right here and make sure to take some notes.