Most people might only know him for his spectacular portrayal of Professor Severus Snape, wrecked forever by his love for Lily Potter. He too left too soon, just like the under-appreciated Professor Snape. 

But no one will ever forget him, just like no one ever forgot Professor Snape. 

Not only the bereaved Potterheads, but everyone from the world of cinema have been pouring in their farewell messages to him. Because cinema will never be the same without him. Because we will always love him. 

Artists and fans from all over the world paid their tribute to the Half Blood Prince through submissions to BoredPanda. Take a look.

Here's to Alan Rickman. Always. 

By Jomari Vista

By GT Richardson


By Mirzadelya Devanastya

By athousandbookstoread

By hoangtran355

By Sarah Reed

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If you want to send him your farewell message, you could too. Send them here

All images sourced from BoredPanda and Yahoo!

Feature image from Terribly Tiny Tales