Today I learnt that Alia Bhatt was spotted wearing a pyjama, yes a literal pyjama suit, worth a nominal sum of approximately ₹2 Lakh.

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Yeah. All of ₹2 Lakh.

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So while your peasant brain processes that information, my broke millennial ass wants to ask her these VERY important questions.

First of all, have we finally got a SmartPyjama now?

Can I buy this on EMI?

Kaise khareeda? Cash ya card?

Does it come with an instruction manual?

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Iska first copy milega Chandni Chowk mein?

Will I miss my car if I sell it to buy one?

Shaadi pe pehen sakte hain kya? Price tag ke saath?

Isko dikha ke loan milega kya?

If this is what a pyjama costs, how much does a pyjama party cost?

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^ Mera CTC pehen ke tum itni dukhi kyun ho, Alia?

Which insurance company do you recommend for this?

Do you keep it in a locker during the day?

Do I have to declare it when I file my ITR?

Does it come with built-in Alexa?

Yeh Sabya ne banaya kya?

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Do you need to show your PAN and Aadhaar card when you buy it?

Do you need to link your Aadhaar card to it?

And finally iska pochha kab banega?

Pliss to tell, Alia.