There are few things more inspiring than great music.

A hell lot of work and thought goes into composing each track. Every rhythm, every melody counts. The tunes become synonymous with listeners as they turn into diehard fans.

Some musicians are so devoted to their favorite songs that they want to explore them further. In the process of interpreting the originals, these people come up with distinctly unique and memorable renditions of their own.

Which is why some covers are special and worthy of listening. We’ve been hearing the famous originals for a while now. Wouldn’t a refreshing take on them be nice? If you’re with me, scroll on!

1. Bohemian Rhapsody - Panic! At The Disco 

Original artist: Queen

Hats off to this band for taking on such an iconic classic. Sounds like a big risk paid off. Really, the lead vocalist legit hit the notes we’ve come to worship over the years. Even the chorus is shockingly true to the original. Impressive job. No wonder this version was featured in the movie, ‘Suicide Squad’.

2. No Diggity – Chet Faker

Original artist: Blackstreet

Oh, Chet Faker, you melancholic, dreamy music man. He took a super hit from the past and turned it into his own brand with the most incredible poise. His credibility as a musician is only enhanced with such experiments.

3. Somebody That I Used To Know – Walk Off The Earth

Original artist: Gotye feat. Kimbra

This was the cover that had everyone losing their shit. It is brilliant and stomach-splitting though. 5 people on one guitar? I mean, come on. It takes a genius to come up with such an idea. Even the vocals are pretty solid. And everyone has a job to do. Win win.

4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Sarah Bareilles

Original artist: Elton John

She is probably one of the greatest singers of this century. Her voice is the only one that could’ve done such tremendous justice to Elton John’s marvellous creation about getting back to one’s humble roots and shunning materialism. My god, you won’t believe your ears. Hear hear.

5. Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott

Original artist: Robyn

Calum Scott made headlines after he auditioned at America’s Got Talent and sang this. He later recorded a studio version on popular demand and crossed the actual artist’s YouTube hits by double. He interpreted the hit ever so delicately and brought out the intense loneliness and pain of the lyrics in his slow-tempo version. Goosebumps all the way.

6. Hold On We’re Going Home – ASTR

Original artist: Drake

A funkier, faster alter ego of Drake’s super passionate chartbuster, this track will pump you up and surely get you moving. It’s just the right kind of EDM fusion you need to lay back and chill. Play it now!

7. Closer - Boyce Avenue

Original artist: The Chainsmokers

Only about a million covers of this blockbuster song raided the Internet over the past one year. But this one emerged as one of the best. Boyce Avenue has been gaining quite a commendable reputation. Listen to know why.

8. White Flag - Foxing

Original artist: Dido

Who doesn’t remember this beautiful, sad song from the wonderful Dido? Foxing takes it to another level with a super chill score in the background that goes almost static sometimes. The broken vocals add fresh vulnerability to the heartfelt love confession.

9. Love You Like A Love Song – Cats On Trees

Original artist: Selena Gomez

Another hip, pop track turned somber and poetic by slowing it down a little. This version is hauntingly stunning and packs a punch with a new concept in the video. Poles apart from what we’ve heard and very good.

10. You're The One That I Want – Lo-Fang

Original artist: Angus & Julia Stone

The real deal is mellow as hell anyway. This perception of the song makes it even more surreal in the bittersweet pangs of love. A little auto-tune does the trick of making it sound totally distinctive from the way it was first written.

11. Earned It - Cameron Bedell

Original artist: The Weeknd

Damn, this smash hit went through the charts and ruled the universe with its slick tempo and seductive beats. The Weeknd’s epic croon is here replaced by simple acoustics and two powerful voices. It’s smooth and sassy through and through. Totally worth a listen.

12. Work – Conkarah

Original artist: Rihanna

Rihanna would definitely love this one! A trigger hippie, thumping reggae cover of a major hit last year, this cover will get you on your feet with a happy vibe very different from the sultry, sexy feel of the popstar’s original.

13. Halo – Lotte Kestner

Original artist: Beyonce

Beyonce went melting hearts all across the globe with her poetic, powerhouse declaration of ethereal love and this composition does justice to such a legacy. It’s a subtle, whispery rendition that just creeps up on you and gets under your skin.

14. People Help The People - Birdy

Original artist: Cherry Ghost

This humanitarian anthem first came out in 2007. Years later, a 14-year-old girl decided to make it her own. And she really did. Her young vocal are surprisingly mature for her age and deliver the uplifting message with utmost sincerity. You can hear the love and care in every word.

15. Love Story - Against The Current

Original artist: Taylor Swift

With a band jamming it out, ferry lights providing the perfect ambience for a romantic ballad, this cover is a feel-good, innocent take on the song that shot Taylor Swift to staggering fame. It’s sweet and brimming with pretty music.

Great music done justice! These guys really know how to make a song their own.